Three weeks….

In just three weeks I’ll be on my way to school in New York City. Coming from Virginia, this will be quite the change but its a change I know I need to make. I fell in love with New York the first time I visited ; just a short day trip with my mom and sister to see Wicked and eat pizza. I came back one year later on a mission trip with my church, and got to see not only more of Manhattan but Brooklyn and Queens as well. When I was given the choice of where to go for my senior trip, I had several ideas but I knew New York would win in the end. And on that trip, I found the college I’ve chosen to attend…..that starts in just three weeks. I cannot believe I have just 21 days left until I move into a midtown apartment, start taking classes and start discovering all that New York has to offer. I’m not sure I can cover it all in four years, but I’ll do the best I can. When I was touring my school, it was mentioned that you live in an apartment with a kitchen and cook ( or buy food ) for yourself. My ears immediately perked up. Many students I’m sure would see this a strike against the school but I saw it as a huge plus. I have loved cooking, baking and anything to do with food since I was in middle school. If I’m watching tv, there is a 90 percent chance that the channel is Food Network or Cooking Channel. I don’t subscribe to Seventeen or TeenVogue, but Cook’s Illustrated and Bon Appetit. And I can think of nothing more wonderful than the stores Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma. So the fact that my roommates and I can go grocery shopping and then make our own meals or go out and try one of the thousands of amazing restaurants New York offers if so great to me. Expect simple recipes, pictures of the markets and restaurants and rambles courtesy of me. I hope to put up a recipe soon of a dessert that as soon as i saw it, I could not get it out of my head. Fingers crossed, guys, fingers crossed.


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