No bake Oreo treats

Like many people now, 98% percent of them being women, I love Pinterest. If you don’t know what that is, check it out! Its an online inspiration board where people “pin” photos of anything they want to. Food, fashion, home decor, fabric, its awesome! No surprise, I’m in it mostly for the food, and I found this recipe on my aunt’s Pinterest food board. The recipe originated from the blog Picky Palate and I was so happy to find out they are so, so easy. Three ingredients! No bake!

These really were a cinch to put together, although I do have a few tips.

1. Even though you melt the butter, I would still make sure that the butter is somewhat softened so it can fully melt.

2. Thoroughly grease the pan but I would do less greasing of the parchment paper; it left a somewhat oily feel on the bottom

3. These puppies are STICKY. Just be aware you may have to do some serious scrubbing of your spatula, bowl, maybe even you.

These are delicious though, and worth the mess! It has a much finer texture then a regular rice krispie treat and is perfect for Oreo lovers.

No Bake Oreo Bars

Recipe from Picky Palate

1 package (16oz) of Oreos

5 cups large marshmallows

4 tbsp. ( half of a stick ) butter

1) Grease an 8×8 baking pan. Line with parchment paper, letting some hangover the sides. Lightly grease paper.

2) In food processor, with a metal blade , pulse Oreos until ground. ( Doesn’t have to be perfectly uniform )

3) In large bowl, microwave butter and marshmallows, 2 minutes, or until puffed. Stir in Oreos. Transfer to pan and press evenly into the pan with the back of your spoon/spatula. Let set for at least 10 minutes.


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