I kind of like summer

This title is not meant in any way to seem like I’m trying to make an understatement. I’m not about to surprise you with a ” Oh my gosh, I love summer sosossososo much and I don’t want it to ever end!! ” I truly only kind of like summer. Let me explain; I love the activities of summer. I love camp, mission trips, spending time with friends. But I really, really dislike the weather of summer. Especially the humidity. When stepping outside for even a few minutes makes your shirt stick to your back, that’s when you know we have a problem. And the clothes of Fall/Winter? They seriously crush Summer. I love me some sundresses and sandals but they could never beat jeans, sweaters, boots and coats! But….BUT…..the one thing that summer wins every single year is the fresh produce. There is nothing better than going to the farmer’s market in the Summer and seeing all of the color, variety and shapes. Some of m favorite Summer fruits are peaches, blackberries, raspberries, and cantaloupe. Favorite vegetables would be zucchini, tomatoes ( yes, I consider them a vegetable ), corn, and snap peas. The photo above is some beautiful squash that my mom and I picked up at a local farmer’s market. We just sautéed it in a pan with onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. It was so good! Below are some of the best tomatoes that I’ve had this summer, and they are ones that one of my dad’s patients actually gave to him. Crazy delicious on toast, with a little salt.

So, in conclusion , I’ll cut summer a little bit of slack. But the fruit and vegetables are about the only thing saving you pal!!


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