Random Rambles

I leave for college in two weeks and I have to admit…I’m a tad stressed right now. I know that everything will be ok and I know I will have time to get everything I need and pack up. BUT I still feel as though I have so much going on right now. Everyday I either have to work, meet up with somebody, go to something or a combination of two or all three! Now I am grateful for work, because it will help with finances and I want to meet up with friends because we will all be split up soon. But I still feel so stretched out. Next week is when I need to get everything I don’t already have so I can start packing the week after, and I’m just repeating to myself ” It will all work out “. I won’t have time to bake/cook anything in these next few days, at least I don’t think so. Here are some random photos I’ve taken recently, though.

And one tradition I would like to start; a nice quote to end my posts. Here is the first:

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”
— Corrie Ten Boom



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