I’m sitting on the couch right now on New Year’s Eve, feeling rather under the weather, listening to music, with a belly full of soup. We have about five hours left in the year and I am as always surprised another year has gone by. And this has been a big one. This year held the biggest transition in my life so far, going from living at home in Virginia to college in New York City. Other events have shaped 2011 though, making it a significant year for me.

1. I graduated high school. To say I was ready was 2008’s understatement of the year, but I finished! And had a great summer to follow it.

2. I went to CWR for my last summer as a camper and it was my favorite one yet. So much love for that week.













3. I went on a mission trip to Slovakia for a week, and easily could have stayed for a month. I still miss the beautiful and loving kids that we were able to work with and fell back in love with missions. Serving the Lord in a place you’re not familiar with forces you to trust in God in ways that you never have to when you are living out your usual routine.














4. I started college…..whaaaaa?? This first semester has been incredible. I have been richly blessed by the community of believers that I am able to call my friends. The semester has also been challenging, with school, the stress of the city and dealing with insecurities that continue to be a process for me. But I know I will look back on this semester fondly and am so grateful for this crazy, totally not-normal life the Lord has given me. I am amazed, and so, so thankful and I’m so excited to find out what He has in store for me in New York. There is something much bigger than one person could fathom happening in the city and I pray I can be a part of it.

My fantastic, hilarious, life-giving, encouraging, beautiful roomies, Carol Anne and Sarah

My friend Rosalind was my homecoming date. I wouldn't have had it any other way<3

My dear friend, Ruth

New York just grabs you and doesn't let go

It's Christmas time

Ok, this post was long and took awhile, but to sum it up: 2011 was possibly the most formative year of my life so far and I am so excited to seek God’s will for me in 2012.


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