New York.

I go back to New York City in two days, and I’m really excited! At first, I just wanted to go back because I missed my friends a lot (which I do, especially my roomies!) but now I can say that I actually miss the city too. I live in a heavily trafficked area of the city, so it can be exhausting but for the most part New York is wonderful and neighborhoods like Chelsea or the Upper West Side make you fall in love with the city easily. And who can forget Central Park? It’s everything that you would hope it to be.

I want to go to restaurants that I’ve been to before  (Birch, Shake Shack, Spice) and ones that I want to try (Meatball shop, Chelsea Market, Baked). I want to go to the New York Public Library, and Bryant Park. I want to explore more this semester. My roommate, Sarah, and I both said that this semester we would explore the neighborhoods that we love, or that we haven’t even been too. And go see a broadway show! I’m just excited for the opportunities and the life that the city emanates and I am so grateful to be a part of it.


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