Train life

On a train to New York; don’t think I’ll ever get over how romantic that sounds. I’ve made this trip a total of five times I think? And while it can still be a bit cumbersome loading onto the train (my suitcase is really heavy….it’s embarrassing) I feel confident enough to give a few words of wisdom regarding the locomotive:

1. The handle on the door connecting you to the rest of the cars is nothing but a trick. Don’t fall for it, especially in front of a full car of people. It’s awkward. Instead, push the button on the door that very faintly (in my defense, VERY faintly) says……push.

2. The quiet car is da BOMB. Seriously, there are three people in my car right now. And we’re being really anti-social right now and sitting pretty much as far from each other as possible. It’s like I have the train to myself! But that’s partly due to the next tip…

3. If you can, travel on the weekend. You are almost guaranteed fewer people, because all of the intimidating business men and woman going to DC (or another major city) are at home, with their loved ones. At least, I like to think that.

4. Try to get a window seat. Honestly, it makes your trip downright enjoyable. I’m always reminded when I’m sitting in one of the beauty of our country, and especially my state. Sounds corny, but it’s true, and if there’s a sunrise, all the better.

5. One of the most important. If you, like me, are traveling for an extended length of time and need to bring a substantial amount of belongings (read: heavy suitcase), simply place your luggage in the back of your car on the floor. Much easier than trying to lift it above your head, since you may be traveling alone or aren’t offered help by a good samaritan. Although, that’s common too and just as nice.

6. Last one. Whenever you ride past a body of water, stop what you’re doing and stare. Ponder, enjoy, praise.

It’s train life. And I actually really like it.


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