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I won’t pretend that it hasn’t been awhile since I last posted, I know it has. College is busy, busy , busy but good. Last semester pales in comparison to this one, as far as workload. I’m learning so much (poetry, logic, worldview, economics) but I just have a lot less free time. On one hand, I’m having to manage my time, which is good but on the other……I’m so excited for summer. But here is my currently’s:

Listening to: 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Worth every penny.

Watching: The occasional movie with friends

Reading: LOTS for school. For pleasure, 1st Thessalonians and Oswald Chambers

Eating: Fruit, soup, Trader Joe’s anything. Recent obsession: pretzels and Nutella.

New York Love: I went to The Amish Market yesterday, which was so great. I also went to US greenmarket, which might be my favorite place in the city. It’s a tie between that, NYPL and Riverside park.

Yesterday as I was walking to both markets, I had one of those “I am so blessed and happy and excited to live in this city” moments. And I just want to enjoy my time here as much as I can. Some exciting things coming up that I’m looking forward to are:

1. Super bowl Sunday, because it’s my roommate’s birthday!

2. House retreat in 2 weeks with the amazing women of ten Boom.

3. I can’t really think of anything else but things are going well, and I am so blessed.

Recent brunch with friend on a snowy Saturday


Bethany and Carol Anne. I love this picture.


This girl is a dream.

And me, in Madison Square park.


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