Six Weeks, Summer, Finals, Country Music

I have six weeks left of my freshman year of college. That is inconceivable. To think of all that has happened in the last nine months, all that I’ve learned, all of the wonderful people that I’ve met. I’m so grateful and humbled by it.

While I am so happy about my school, I know am sosososososo ready for summer. I just found out that I will be working at a summer camp that I adore, and I couldn’t be more excited. A summer spent in the middle of nowhere, right by a lake, sounds pretty amazing right now. It’s kind of all I can think about right now, and seeing as I have six weeks of classes and tests, and then finals……this is a problem. Prayers for motivation and determination would be greatly appreciated. Because all I want right now is this:

On a more random note, I can’t get enough of country music right now! I hardly ever hear it up at school, so as soon as I got home, I started listening to it again. Taylor, Zac, Jason, Miranda. It just feels right.

Also, I was reminded yesterday again of the Lord’s sweet, sweet faithfulness and mercy. I am quieted by His steadfast love.

New York… matter how many times I come back, I always ask myself “What on earth am I doing?”



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