Recent favorites, two weeks, New York: I love you

Music: Bon Iver…..sigh. Just beautiful. It calms me, and makes me happy. Book of Mormon, sosososososo funny and catchy! Phil Whickam. Michael Buble. Ingrid Michaelson.

Food: Hummus and Pita chips. Frozen mango. Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Frozen chocolate chips. Straight from the freezer.

Poetry: To A Thinker by Robert Frost. I’m currently writing a research paper on the theology of Robert Frost for my college writing 2 class. 5000 words due by Friday, lets GO.

I only have two weeks left in New York. And I keep trying to push that thought out of my head, but it’s there. I’m sad, overwhelmed, ready, not ready at all, nervous for the summer, excited for the summer. Yes.

The unfortunate thing is that the city of New York has completely won me over. We’ve had the most beautiful weather lately, and even today, it’s raining and I love it. I’m not ready to leave this place and adjust to change. Buy I know it’s what needs to happen. Here are some recent pictures:





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