Lots of different things.

Holidays: There are fewer things more surprising than how fast time goes by. It is November 10th, and I have only five weeks left in the semester. I just cannot believe how quickly the year has passed. I go home in just 10 days for Thanksgiving break and I am so excited. Seeing family, and being at home for the holiday will be so nice, but I am also just looking forward to being by myself, in my room, or out on a walk. In New York, there are few places where you can actually be truly alone. To be honest, I can’t even think of one place. As good as community is, solitude and quiet are just as necessary. I’m even looking forward to the bus ride home. It will be a bit of a long drive, and I plan to read, and watch a movie. That sounds downright luxurious right now. 2 papers, 3 quizzes, and 2 exams stand in my way of this glorious break.

Food: I am currently partaking in the Daniel Diet with my roommate, Rosalind. The diet is based off of scripture in the book of Daniel, but I can’t say we’re doing it because of religious purposes. We simply both wanted to clean up our diet, especially before the holidays, when we knew we wouldn’t be eating as cleanly as we should. I am all for enjoying the holidays, and I don’t worry too much as too what I’m eating. But the idea of a period before the holidays where I could detox a bit sounded great. So we began the 21 day cycle at the beginning of the month. The diet requires you to cut out meat, dairy, bread, and all processed foods. Thankfully, we are not forcing ourselves to follow it to a T. For example, the diet says to cut out coffee……um, no. We also agreed that if we were with a group, we wouldn’t worry about following it strictly. Last night we were both at Wendy’s with girls from school, and we both enjoyed Frostys with them. No problem. I have been successful though in not eating any bread, and almost no meat or dairy. I will be returning back to a more flexible diet on the 20th, and I plan to celebrate with Chick-Fil-A.

Because I haven’t had dessert in over a week, (try it, it’s harder than it sounds) I think I have been more interested in baking and cooking (naturally). I’ve been looking at all kinds of recipes on Pinterest, and different food blogs. Here are some recipes that I plan to make after the 20th:

Chai Spiced Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting. A slice with a cup of coffee sound perfect right now.


Apple Skillet Cake. I really want to make this for our Thanksgiving dessert!


These cookies are really all I want right now.



Eating: I have been loving apples, squash, beans, rice, and avocados lately. And coffee, naturally.

Music: Ed Sheeran, Mumford, Charlie Brown Christmas, and the occasional T-swift song.

Verses: Really, all of Hebrews and 1 Peter.

Ta ta for now!


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  1. smithmarge@aol.com

    Dear Laura, I really love the blogs that you write! I hope you won’t mind if we forward them to your uncles, who would enjoy them, too. It is truly hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so near. I say this every year, but have not yet learned to plan things early enough. How is the diet going? I would not have a hard time with no meat, but I don’t know about the other items. What was your experience with Sandy and all the water? Did you lose power? I think that is the worst thing that happens in a storm like this was.! Take care of your sweet self and have a happy Thanksgiving! Lots of love, Grandma

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