Why am I Jane Bennet? Why am I not Lizzy?

I guess my blog name may not make sense to those who aren’t my roommates. I feel that  I should try to explain the origins behind it. I love the story of Pride and Prejudice. I know that’s not uncommon for a girl, but I’ve read the book two times and seen the movie about 22 times and I have never stopped loving the characters . Mr. Collins’ awkwardness, Mrs. Bennet’s dramatics, and Mr. Darcy’s mysterious ways. It’s a fantastic story. The main character, Lizzy Bennet is spunky, smart, quick with her words, and quick to make them heard. Lizzy always knows what to say, and is happy to share her opinion when wanted, or even when it’s not. I don’t mean to make her seem annoying, because Lizzy is wonderful. The fact that Jane Austen was able to make a opinionated young women likeable in her era is really amazing, and today we love her for her sarcastic wit, and loyalty to her family and sisters. But when my roommates and I were discussing which Jane Austen character we were most like, I knew that I was not Lizzy. Although we all dream of meeting a Mr. Darcy, I could not identify with her. My roommates then began to explain why I was most like Jane Bennet, and it made complete sense. Jane is quiet, sometimes timid, and a very private person. Jane does not wear her heart on her sleeve, and only confides in a select few. Yep. That’s me. I hope I don’t seem cold, but I totally admit that I’m guarded. I love to hear what is going on in other people’s lives, but have a harder time opening up myself. Jane falls in love with Mr. Bingley, a kinder, slightly less witty version of Mr. Darcy. This is, I admit, where Jane and I differ. I like funny. I like wit. But, Mr. Bingley is sincere and that I like. He is also slightly awkward, and awkwardness has been deemed my love language by a friend. I don’t deny it. So maybe I actually do want a Mr. Bingley. In any case, I find it flattering to be compared to Jane. She has a quiet strength, and is a true lady. So, when trying to decide what to call the blog, our Jane Austen conversation came to mind, and this seemed to fit.




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