Eleven ‘o clock thoughts

I cannot, and will not give up country music just because I live in the city. When I’m studying at night, or walking to the grocery store, hearing a little Jason Aldean just feels right. When I’m home, ESPECIALLY if it’s summer, country is probably what I’m listening to in the car. If you just accept that it’s going to a little ridiculous, and a little redneck, it’s so fun! So fun. I like lots of other kinds of music too, but I just….I just won’t stop listening to Hunter Hayes. I mean, have you heard him?? Please.

I have caught the Downton Abbey Fever, and I never want to be cured. Matthew Crawley, Grandmother, Branson (love him, just wish he wasn’t a communist), even Mary! But not Edith. I just can’t love Edith.

I will have oatmeal, with banana and peanut butter tomorrow for breakfast. It is decided.

This quote makes me so happy: “Christ dazzles me and stirs within me such feeling of amazement that I can never get over Him.” A. W Tozer I think it makes me happy because when I first read it, I just said “YES”

Random, I know. But it’s late.


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