Trying to pick this up again. It’s been way, way too long to actually write a sufficient recap. So , I’m not going to.


Eating: Kale. Trendy? Yes. But for reason. It is so good sauteed in a pan with some olive oil and salt. I’ve also been loving Trader Joes Cookie Butter on toast, avocadoes (still), and Korean Ginseng Tea, which a friend introduced me to and is my new favorite tea. Carol Anne and I went to BareBurger in Brooklyn the other day (recommended by my BRO) and split an elk burger and a bison burger. It was so good.

Listening to: Rend Collective Experiment. Their lyrics make me want to cry sometimes, they are so true and heartfelt. Mumford still, Ben Rector’s new album, and Michael Buble.

Watching: Movies with friends. No tv shows currently.

Reading: Lots and lots for school. Trying to find joy in it. Reading can really be a discipline sometimes. I also finished Mindy Kaling’s book recently, which was very entertaining, but also a bit sad. When people so flippantly reject the gospel or Christ, it hurts my heart. I would like to read Fey’s Bossypants next.

Dreaming of: Traveling to Ireland or Italy, or someplace like that.

Holding onto: Psalm 23. He leads me by still waters. So little in my life feels still right now, so I find that so comforting!


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